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10/16/12 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus Says The Lord: "Even to this day, O Israel, you have not ceased from walking in the ways of your forefathers, stoning My prophets in word and by deed, seeking always to kill or imprison those sent to you. Have I not gathered you with a mighty hand from among the nations, restoring you to your own land, even granting you great increase? Yet you do not embrace Me, for you yet push out the hand against My Holy One, you refuse to drink from His cup... How long shall you seek to murder your King?! How long will you deny The Way, I have set before you?! How long shall you blaspheme The Truth, which I sent into the world to testify?!... You have forsaken Life! You refuse the blood I poured out for you!


O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how long will you let His blood drip from your fingers?!...


For I tell you the truth, the stain of your guilt remains, 
As you pass it from one generation to the next.

Thus YOU fulfill the curse by which 
Your forefathers had cursed themselves... 

YOU freed the murderer and condemned The Innocent!... 

YOU murdered The Author of Life and hung your Salvation upon a tree,
Piercing His hands and His feet!"


"And when the day comes, yea it has come and is here O house of Israel, when your enemies band together and come out to fight against you with numbers beyond compare, a great multitude; every man fitted with weapons of death and slaughter, an astounding company with many machines of war, a terrible army the likes of which has never been seen...


Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, shall I also forsake YOU, 
And leave YOU to the slaughter?!...

Shall I now turn My back on YOU, 
And leave YOU to annihilation?...

O Israel, shall I let you burn in the fire?!




Shall I leave Jacob to be plowed like a field? Have I gathered you together in one place, only to let you be overcome by your enemies roundabout? For you have indeed sinned against Me and you forsake Me still, thus I tell you plainly, behold I speak it to you once again, though you have no ears to hear: I AM THE LORD. And I have dealt with you for My own name’s sake, and not according to your wicked ways, nor according to your corrupt doings, O house of Israel!
Therefore, with the backward swipe of My hand shall I scatter those who have drawn near to destroy you, and with the blast of My nostrils shall all their wings be broken off! My footsteps shall shake the earth and bring destruction upon all their devices! The heat of My anger shall come up into My face, causing a terrible fire to consume them! My voice shall speak into the air, and many shall be driven mad!... Behold, in My jealousy and in the fire of My wrath I shall speak, and brother shall turn against brother, and nature shall rise up and fight against them! For is this not the day spoken of by My prophets of old?! Is this not the day I declared from the beginning, that it would come?! Is this not the day I rise up and defend My people Israel and cause My name to resound in all the earth?!

Go now and read what has been written, read what the mouth of The Living God has spoken concerning all these things; and now read also that which I have spoken through My prophet of this day... And tremble in fear. 



For indeed, Jerusalem has become 
A heavy stone upon the necks of all nations, 
Even as it weighs heavily upon Mine also. 

Thus as I have spoken it, so shall it be...

“All, who seek to cast off this stone, shall surely be cut in pieces”...

Says The Lord God of Hosts."


Excerpts from:
A Heavy Stone, a Bitter Burden 



5/31/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear


"Thus says The Lord God: I will defend My people, Israel, and take vengeance upon My enemies. For My own name’s sake will I do it, and for My servant David’s sake shall it be done... And thereafter shall My witnesses be sent into battle...


For behold, I have only just begun to speak! Says The Lord of Hosts. I have only just begun to reveal the power of The Lord! I have only just begun to reveal My anger! Yet if it were not for the sake of a remnant among those yet to be called, and for the sake of My name in Israel, that it may be glorified, I would have destroyed the enemies of Israel already, blotting them from the face of the whole earth. Thus I have withheld My hand, and have not yet taken vengeance upon My enemies. Yet I shall not withhold My hand for much longer, neither shall My wrath tarry." 



"For I was there, when My people were slaughtered...

I was with each one, as they breathed their last;
I was with them in their torment, I shared in their agony; 
I endured their pain, and their anguish I knew... 

We did weep together! 

Indeed, I had handed them over, and scattered them amongst the nations, and this at their own request. For their forefathers had sworn it, and throughout their generations they have upheld it. Therefore was My anger kindled against them; thus did I drive them out and scatter them amongst the nations... Bitter enmity, great sadness. Yet I did not hold onto My anger forever, and My love never departed from them; neither did I forsake them in their trials. Behold, I was there at the end of their tribulations, for they did behold My face as they fell asleep."


Excerpts from:
I Will Defend My People, Israel



3/15/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear 

"Yet I shall set My foot over Israel, and in My shadow shall they be protected against all their enemies...
With a backward swipe of My hand shall I make a great slaughter! I shall tread upon the land of the north, and bring up calamity from the south. Even she who dwells there shall fight against them, yet she shall have no authority, and retain no strength through her agreement; nor shall the kings of the south gain any ground against those who sit at ease upon their self-appointed thrones. And war shall break out, to the launching of many devices, bringing much destruction and death."

Excerpt from:

The God of Israel Has Set His Face to Uplift 
and to Abase, to Gather and to Pour Out Judgment



One Truth, One Church, One Body... No Walls

7/27/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding believers in Christ taking part in a Jewish fast during the month of Av)


"Thus says The Lord your God, The God of Israel, The God of All, He who searches the hearts and minds, even the innermost thoughts and intentions: I, alone, see through the pretense of men; and I, even I, test the quality of every good work done in My name, revealing of what sort it truly is. Therefore, I ask you, shall you seek to do as those who have rejected Me, as all those who forsake My Son, who have no voice before Me and remain void of My Spirit?!... I tell you the truth, their fasts and their offerings I have not accepted! Their sacrifices I do hate! Shall My own people, who are not My people, come before Me in My name to fast for the dead?! Shall they call on My name, while at the same time rejecting My Son?! Lo, they will indeed come, yet I will turn to them My back, and My ears will in no wise hear them!... For they are broken off! Says The Lord.


And what of you, beloved, where do you stand? 
And where have I placed you, 
According to your acceptance of My Son?... 

Answer, if you know...


For indeed it has come to pass, even since the dayI dwelt among them in the flesh, Immanu El...Behold, they were broken off, that you might be grafted in.For out of unbelief they have been forsaken for a time, even for two days in The Lord. Yet the day has come, and is nearly upon them, when they will be grafted in again. For I AM, and I am able to graft them in again. Yet of that day, it has not fully come."




"Yet those of Israel, who reject Messiah, go out to cry over all their dead, and fast because of all this punishment I have allowed to overtake them.


Yet I hear no repentance, 
I hear no wailing at all over their forsaking of The Holy One, 
He whose life was poured out for them...

Nor over that which their fathers had done to Him, 
Which remains atop their marred heads... 

Enmity, such bitter tears... 

My own people, who were the apple of My eye, forsake Me still...

Take no part in their festivals, therefore,
Take no part in their wailing over the dead, 
As though I am not able at this very moment 
To call them forth from their graves and from their tombs, 
To raise them ALL from the dust of the earth, once again."



"Therefore if you fast, fast as one whose heart longs for the return of The Bridegroom, even as a sign to those who are near and to those who are afar off. And beloved, fast for those perishing, for those who are about to receive of My judgment, which is stored up and must be poured out... Fast, lament and howl, that they repent before the time. 
And fast also for those who fast not in The Son’s name; offer up this sacrifice for those who at present remain broken off... Yes beloved, pray for repentance in Israel, for a great awakening, that all awaken to The Light, The One True Light sent to them, so they might be drawn quickly toward it before calamity overtakes this world. For the time has come! I AM COME!"




Excerpts from:

Who Among You, O Israel, and Among You, O Olive Branches,
 Have Fasted Unto Me?! Says The Lord God

4/11/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear


"For I tell you, Jacob is about to stumble, Israel is about to make a grave error. Behold, the nations shall turn their backs as her enemies gather, and shut their eyes as they seek to strike her from existence. Yet I shall not turn My back, nor will I turn My face from My purpose. And though it greatly pains My heart, for I take no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked, My wrath shall be satisfied! My anger must be felt!... Let My name resound!"


Excerpt from:


5/31/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God of Israel: I have seen the pride of men, and how hate builds within their hearts. For My hand is removed, and who is able to withhold them? Who is able to turn them back, once their minds are set?... Behold, they shall come as a whirlwind, as a flood to cover the land. With a sound like raging waters shall they come forth from their places, and the earth shall tremble, the ground shall shake beneath the multitude of their devices. 
Their intentions are not hidden, and that which they do in secret is always before My face...Behold, an evil plan has come into their hearts. And that which is conceived of in the hearts of men is known to Me; indeed, everything whispered in secret enters into My ears. For they plot an evil thing, saying, “The God of Israel sleeps and will not arise to defend His people; The Holy One of Israel will not see it. Therefore, let us go up and fight against the people of Jacob, and murder the inhabitants of Judah, and wipe Israel from all remembrance... Let their name die with them. Yes, let us go swiftly, and many peoples with us, to destroy them, that we may cast their name out of the earth, forever”...

Come! Says The Lord... COME FORTH! For by the blood of your fathers and by the blood of your sons, and by the blood of all your great and proud men, shall I be glorified in the sight of many nations! Behold, you shall fall upon the mountains of Israel!... A feast for the birds, a dwelling place of the worm... And in the open fields shall you leave your spoil! For I have prepared a valley... Your resting place.
Therefore come forth, all you loathful nations! Bring your multitudes with you, all your mighty men of battle! Come up for the day of slaughter! Says The Lord God Almighty. For My anger has come up into My face and My hand is raised for battle! I am poised in My strength, ready to strike you down with a great vengeance!... 
Therefore come, O mighty men! Come down from the north as the whirlwind, and fight against Me! Says The Lord. And bring the fullness of Ishmael with you! GATHER TOGETHER AND COME! Bring forth the weapons from the storehouses, from Asia to the kings of the south! Come forth! For The Lord God of Israel has prepared a great slaughter!


Enemies of Israel, I call you out! COME FORTH!...

For indeed, the world has turned a deaf ear, 
And many nations are in agreement...

And not one will prevent you. 

Therefore, come forth! Come out and fight against Me!... 

It is time.

Excerpt  from:
A Day of Slaughter


1/14/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Satan, you are cast down!... O lucifer, persecute this people! Go forth and devour your prey! Call forth your servant, so he may stand up and speak... That he may open his mouth in great blasphemies against The God of Heaven, blaspheming My name and My tabernacle, speaking against all those who dwell in Heaven... Raging against The Holy Covenant. 
Call him forth, O destroying angel!... YOUR TIME HAS COME!... Go to and fro, in all the earth, and gather together your people!... Hurry! Go now, and gather them together! For I declare the times, and I set the seasons! My face is set to punish and to consume!... IT IS TIME!
Set up your troops in battle array! Bring forth all your mighty men! Set your generals in their places!... Give the command, all you evil men in authority!... Yes, band together and rule the nations! I release them to you, O devouring cherub! 
And of My people... WEAR THEM OUT! And of My nation, yes, bring all your weapons against it! Call forth a huge army, a great multitude, an astonishing company!... Darken the land!... Come as a devouring swarm, declares The Lord!... 




If you are able, declares The Lord.

I am calling you out! Says The Mighty One of Jacob...Bear fruit, in accordance with your every evil thought and intention! Reveal that which has entered into your hearts!... For I am eager to bring forth the slaughter! I am eager to lay My enemies waste!... To paint the mountains of Israel, in the blood of generals and kings and many mighty men!...In My haste I shall humble the pride of man, bringing all their devices down! In great heaps shall they litter the landscape in all the open fields!... And they shall burn!... With the smoke of their destruction ascending forever, as a testament to My glory!...



Excerpt from:
I Am Risen Up, as a Mighty and Terrible One

3/19/06 From God The Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord God of Israel: Woe to the kingdoms of this world! Woe to the false religions of this world!... The atheist shall have it far better than you, when the wrath of the great and dreadful God has come! 


Woe to the king of the north!

Woe to the kings from the rising of the sun!

Woe to the king of Persia and the people of violence!...


Woe to every nation and people, who say, 

“Come, let us put an end to Israel as a nation, let us utterly destroy them,

That the name of Israel may be remembered no more!”...




Thus says The Lord, to the king of the north: Come and mount up your troops, and take flight! Call upon your agreement with those of the rising sun! Honor your covenant with the people of violence! Cast your devices and launch all your weapons of war! Come against My chosen people and the land promised to their forefathers, forever!... COME! Says The Lord. Fulfill the evil desires of your wicked hearts! For you shall fall, and you shall not be found! Says The Lord of Hosts. 

You shall be a valley of dead and dry bones, buried in the land you came to destroy, for it shall consume you!... Food for the birds, dwelling place of the worm. Therefore come, I say! Come and leave your spoil and your rotting flesh! For you shall surely stumble, you shall fall, and you shall not be found!... And by your falling shall the name of The Lord be glorified, in every land, even unto the ends of the earth! For this is but an awakening, and many shall behold it, the mighty and awesome power of The Lord! 

Behold, the earth shall be shaken, the clouds shall burst! I shall command pestilences to come upon you! They shall cleave to you and drink your blood! And you shall be driven mad. For you shall stumble, you shall fall, and you shall not be found! (Save a sixth part, whose hearts I know; they shall return home and be spared). For in your eagerness to spoil, shall you become the spoil, and sustain My people seven days.


Swiftly shall I destroy this great multitude

Who come out to fight against Me,

Who seek to destroy My people, Israel!...


For they shall be driven to the ground by fire, 

By hail, and by thick darkness!... 




Behold, My countenance has changed! My face is set hard against you, O enemies of Israel! My arm is outstretched and ready for battle! Thus that which is written shall be fulfilled, and that which is determined shall be done. And you shall be left utterly desolate...Then all shall know, I AM THE LORD! 

Yet understand this, O house of Israel: I do not do this for your sake, but for My holy name’s sake, for My name is profaned among the nations. And you, O Israel, have not obeyed My Word, neither have you walked in The Way I have shown you; for you yet reject The One who I had sent to you, The Holy One who was glorified upon the tree... Thus His blood remains upon you, for you are the children of your fathers, the descendants of those who killed The Author of Life.  


Thus I have spoken it, 

And it shall surely come to pass...


Says The Lord of Power and Glory.

From The Letter:
Desolations Are Determined


11/1/07 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear



"Behold, even My own people go the way of the afflicted of sin, Following after those desolate of the SpiritWho remain married to this world...Yet I shall save them out of all their troubles!For My own name’s sake will I do it!...For the sake of Judah, I will cover them;For the sake of Jacob, I shall hold them in safety;And for the sake of David, My servant, I shall gather them under My wing.O city of David, My Jerusalem, give Me glory! For The Lord has seen your travail, for it has come. Yet it shall not stand, for you are Mine... I am married unto you! Vengeance is Mine! Says The Lord. And I, Myself, shall go before you and fight against them!"

Excerpt from:



Israel Is Mine!... Watchmen, Sound the Trumpet, 
the Alarm of War! Says The Lord 




5/23/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear


"Behold, I am come out of My sanctuary, 
And the arm of The Lord shall be revealed!
The anger of The Lord shall be made fully known!...

And great and mighty nations shall be brought down!

And woe to those who come against My people, Jacob; woe to all who come out to destroy Israel... You shall come to know the power of The Lord in His anger! In the strength of My hot displeasure shall you be brought down! Behold, you shall lick the dust, with all your rotting corpses strewn about! With all your devices coming to rest next to you in heaps!... Littering the open fields! For The Lord has spoken, and so shall it be done and come to pass, in the sight of men!" 


Excerpt from:
The Sword Comes


12/31/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear 

"Thus says The Lord God of Israel: The time has come, when I shall rise up and spare My people. Yea, I shall stretch out My hand and deliver them, even all of them; yes, the believer and the wicked alike shall be spared... Even all who dwell in My land, the land which I had promised to Abraham and have given to the seed of Jacob, forever.

Yet let it be known, and let the people understand: For My own name’s sake shall I perform this, for it is time to reveal My hand to the peoples of the earth. It is time for the name of The Lord your God to be made known, for I shall cause My name to resound in all the earth...Behold, it shall resound loudly! It shall sound! And My power shall be made fully known!
Then shall you know, even as it is written and I Myself had spoken it, that I AM THE LORD; and I have dealt with you for My own name’s sake, and not according to your wicked ways, nor according to your corrupt doings, O house of Israel, says The Lord God." 




"Behold, the enemies of Israel are gathered together; evil thoughts have entered their hearts. Lo, I have hardened them for My purpose, saying, “COME FORTH! Gather together! Come swiftly! Yes, all you wicked nations, come! Make a pact and come forth! You, and your armies with you! Yes, come against the land I had given to My people! Come quickly to destroy and take your spoil!”... For the time has come, and I am eager to perform My will... 
Stand fast in battle array, cover the land like a shadow and take aim! For you shall be cut down! I shall cut you down as blighted wheat before the scythe, as a diseased sheaf left standing in the open field, set as stubble before the fire! Says The Lord.


Behold, I shall make of you a spectacle! 
And you shall be for a sign to all nations! 
Even the sun shall be covered!...

And you and all your company shall be struck by My own hand!
Yes, I shall strike you down and fill your hearts with madness!

The God who reigns in Israel!...

The One and Only True God, Creator of Heaven and Earth!...



Excerpts from:
Enemies of Israel, Come Forth


6/7/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear


For thus says The Mighty One of Jacob: Behold, the heavens shall shake, and a great trembling shall come up from beneath!... I shall make My presence felt in the land of Israel!The sun shall be darkened, and fire shall fall from heaven upon My enemies! And with great hailstones shall I strike them in My anger; in My fury I shall cast them down and tear their companies in pieces!... Heaps of wreckage, multitudes of broken bodies littering the open fields!
Behold, I shall put a halt to all their weapons of war! For I shall rain down upon them a flooding rain, a great deluge, and they shall sink deep into the mire thereof, unable to gain any ground or foothold! Their armies shall be driven backward, bold soldiers shall cower in fear and mighty men shall flee, before the might of The Holy One of Israel! And that over which men were given dominion shall rise up and have dominion over them, plagues closing in on every side! And behold, every mighty man and proud soldier who sets foot in the land of Israel, to kill and to take spoil, shall be overcome with madness!... Brother against brother, nation against nation, every man striking his neighbor on the chest!
Behold, I shall splatter the mountains of Israel, and the hills shall drip down with blood! I shall litter the open fields with dead bodies, and the stink of your rotting corpses shall fill the air and inundate the valleys!... The smoke of your burning going up forever, O enemies of Israel! For your plans are uncovered; your loathing hearts are made known, and shall fail you for fear! For I shall cause your hate to eat your flesh like fire, as you watch all your plans return atop your own heads! Says The Lord God. For that by which you came to spoil shall become the spoil; and with the destruction you conceived so shall you be destroyed!... And behold, YOU shall become a most loathsome sight in the eyes of all nations, an astonishment and a terror to all who look upon you!

For as it is written:

I will bring judgment upon My enemies, with pestilence and bloodshed!
I will magnify Myself in the land of Israel and show My greatness!...

My holiness shall be revealed and My presence made known, in the eyes of all nations!...

Thus those who bore the sword in agreement shall fall upon it;
And those who came forth in great numbers shall be overrun...

Says The Lord.

Yet understand this, O enemies of Israel: Think not that I do this according to the righteousness of the people in the land of Israel, for they too have forgotten Me and walk not in The Way of The Lord, rejecting My Salvation still...Therefore hear Me, for I declare it to every tribe, tongue, and nation: FOR MY OWN NAME’S SAKE SHALL I DO IT! For the name of The King, who comes quickly to gather, shall it be done! And for the sake of My beloved servants, from Noah to David, shall I remember My promises!
Then they will know, I AM THE LORD!... He who sets up kingdoms and brings them to ruin! He who set the foundations of the earth and covered them with beauty! He who also set the stars in their places and caused the galaxies to take their form! He to whom all creation bows down! He whose power is limitless and by whose wisdom all things were brought forth, whose authority is absolute!... For The Everlasting has no ruler! I AM!

Excerpt from:
Vengeance Is Mine, I Shall Repay

8/18/06 From God The Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ, YahuShua HaMashiach - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Thus says The Lord God: You shall behold the power of The Lord God Almighty! My name shall resound in all the earth! Behold, even the heathen shall come to know God!... Yea he shall kneel, he shall bow his head, he shall humble himself before Me, calling Me, “Lord”.

And Gog and his army, and his evil covenant, shall be broken! Yea, total destruction shall overtake him and his princes! For God shall surely visit the earth! Yes I, even I, shall visit them in My wrath!... A great recompense upon all these men in authority, for all this evil which they have conceived of in their hearts to do! 


For they seek to destroy My people, Israel, 

And to plunder the land, which I had given to their forefathers, forever!...




Behold! I shall lay them waste,

Scattering them across the open fields!...




Excerpt from:
Desolations Are Determined... 
And Great Want for My Beloved Children

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