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10/08 Jayse’s Dream of the Two Moons

In the dream, I was outside and it was night time. I looked up in the sky and saw two full moons. It caught my
attention, and I looked at it for awhile. I could tell which one was the real one, because it was brighter and it
looked as it normally does. But the second moon wasn’t as bright, yet it looked as if it could have been equal to
the real moon (same size, form, etc.). Then, when I realized that the second moon was fake, it came really close
to my face, and I recognized it to be a Roman coin. Then I woke up.


8/6/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior -
The Interpretation of Jayse’s Dream, Given to Jayse and Timothy, For Jayse, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

False Light and Thick Darkness

Thus says The Lord YahuShua: This dream of the two moons... Yea I, even I, have given it to you. Indeed, it is of the
Roman Empire, which is revived, and shall soon overtake the entire world. And though it seems to tarry, it shall be swift
when it comes, for the time is at hand... Even as the false moon came forward quickly and was before your face.
Here is wisdom: It is also he called antichrist, for he also shall be brought to the forefront, gaining authority over
many tongues, peoples and nations. Soon shall many nations fall, in accordance with My will that they should
indeed fall, coming under the authority of the one world order, and of him, that man, the man of perdition, the
horn of satan, by whom the false prophet shall also arise... Even from that city, of which I shall condemn and
utterly destroy.

Of the two moons: The first moon, you beheld in your dream, represents I, even I, YahuShua, your Savior. Your
attraction to it, in the dream, represents your love for Me and of that praise you offered up to God for His creation,
of which I Am... Its Writer, its Carpenter... Yea, even I, its Restoration, its Finisher.
Again, the second moon, which you beheld in your dream, represents the antichrist, he called perdition. In your
dream, the second moon is dim, a mere imitation of the glowing moon next to it. The second moon has no source
of light in itself, nor can it reflect the Light... Darkness only brings forth more of the same. Its light is an illusion,
a lie, a deception shown before the multitude, to appease their itching ears... They who long to be delivered from
all this fear, which has come to surround them on every side. For the sun is setting on this age of men, and the
shadows grow ever longer, filling the world with darkness.
Yet the real moon reflects the light of the sun,
Even as I am the reflection of The Father.
Yea, even brighter will I shine, an all-encompassing light!...
Glory of such a kind, obliterating all darkness, leaving no shadow at all.
Yet in the Day, I will shine only as the moon shines, according to how it is set in the darkness. I shall be as a
beacon to those who were left, that they should be drawn to Me. For they have become lost in all this darkness,
yet have now come to seek Me, by much wailing and through many tears... Emptied... Cleansed in My blood...
Seeking anew, praying, bowing down, that they may be filled according to My love and sacrifice, of which they
have now come to truly accept, in spirit and in truth.
For my hand is removed, and the light shall soon be taken...
The world left in darkness, the swiftly fading light of sunset.


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